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- Sarah Regensburger -

Head of Design

born in 1991 in Germany, Bavaria - living in Stratford, London

born & grown up in a historic city in Germany, Bavaria.

Studied fashion design at ESMOD Munich and did an exchange time in Beijing, China.

Afterwards doing an internship at Adidas originals and working there for 4 years.

Participated in 2015: Fashiondays Nuremberg

2016: Cologne Fashion Week

2018: Hackney Fashion Wick London

To follow my dreams I decided to move to London and create my own label.

Absolutely in love with the British culture and with this city that's why I decided to stay here.

- Inspiration -

My main inspiration as a designer is coming from 3 different areas:

Culture - Nature - Human


Love to travel and within my travel experience I saw a lot of different cultures and tribes, how people live, about craftsmanship and how they dress themselves.

This experience has shaped my personality and influenced my creative process.

- Cruelty Free Fashion -

can we do something good with fashion?

we believe we can!

We focus on fair production, handmade products which you will know exactly who made your clothes.

Our products we are selling are completely vegan which means

100% animal and cruelty free.

Wherever we can we are trying to implement sustainability.

All our pieces are made in the UK or in Germany,

using thoughtfully sourced fabrics and materials.

- We believe -

Respect Nature, Respect Human being, Respect the environment.

We believe in diversity and every

- human being -