- Sarah Regensburger -

Head of Design

born in 1991 in Germany, Bavaria - living in Stratford, London

Sarah Regensburger, a German-born, London-based fashion designer

is combining modern art with the inspiration of the world´s diversity of cultures. 

Compelling stories of our tribal origins and our connection with mother nature.

Inspired by her travels and visiting several tribes around the world

she uses her references about different cultures

for each collection of the brand.


“Raising up with 2 different cultures,

diversity it is very important to me and I want to showcase this in my collection

as well as the deep connection we have with nature.

That’s why our focus is to create a collection which is less harmless for the planet.”

The brand is focusing on sustainable and animal free fabrics and fair production made in Europe.


The brand stands for a strong, independent women that wants to stand out.

- Inspiration -

The main inspiration is coming from 3 different areas:

Culture - Nature - Human

- Cruelty Free Fashion -

can we do something good with fashion?

we believe we can!

We focus on fair production, handmade products which you will know exactly who made your clothes.

Our products we are selling are completely vegan which means

100% animal and cruelty free.

Wherever we can we are trying to implement sustainability.

All our pieces are made in the UK , Poland or in Germany,

using thoughtfully sourced fabrics and materials.

- We believe -

Respect Nature, Respect Human being, Respect the environment.

We believe in diversity and every

- human being -


Sarah Regensburger

info@sarahregensburger.co.uk+ 44 (0) 750 343 7602

E9 5LD Hackney Wick



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